Meanwhile, in the background...

As Warren's Console and Stu's Table were moving through the shop, I had a batch of stunning figured ash veneer working it's way through the veneer press in the basement.  Gluing up panels that will be used for the Ash Nook headed for NYC next month.

Once some space in the shop opened up, we moved in large amounts of Ash and I set about the task of breaking it down and milling the parts. 

Breaking it down: the 4/4 boards will be the benches; big boards in the background will become the trestle table base

Takes a lot of pieces and parts to construct the frame and panel storage benches.

This is a big project, so we're tag teaming.  Nick is building the trestle table and bench and I am building the frame & panel storage benches.  We help each other along the way, but for the most part; in the shop - this project is two projects... (competing for space and table saw setups)

Initial dry fit on Nick's table base; joinery is cut - time to start shaping the parts.

Roughing in the shapes using the bandsaw. now it's time for rasps and scrapers. 

This is a 5 piece set; Trestle Table & bench, plus a 3 piece corner storage bench that is frame and panel construction.  All the pieces and parts are finished for the frame and panel process, and I'm methodically gluing them up.  Once the bench parts are ready we'll construct the actual storage benches. 

In  the clamps; This is the panel that will be the back of the short bench.

Bench part collection is building...  Can you see the figure on those panels? Holy Cow that veneer is beautiful!