Thoughts on multi-tasking; or, "what was I thinking?!"

I've caught a break today and have been given an excuse to slow down a bit. My granddaughter Elle is home from school with a cold, so I get to hang with her for a bit.  She's not so sick that it makes you feel bad, just sick enough that she shouldn't be at school spreading germs.  I win!  We did some spelling homework and now she's napping.

Anyhow, I have time to reflect a bit on how the work flowed over last few weeks.  I have had the good fortune of many jobs coming my way and I think I did a pretty good job of scheduling them so that each job is staged, flows through the shop, and ships at a different time.  But still, the space is only so big and I was really starting to feel the pinch for both time and space last week.

I've shipped two jobs which has freed up some space:

Nina's Board went to Chicago. This job consumed a lot of clamps and space for a cutting board.

Martha's Tables are home in Memphis

Gabrielle's Breakroom Nook has been the longest running job in the shop; We started it in early October and it has definitely consumed the most space (being a large 5 piece dining set).  It's done moving through the finish room now - piece by piece.  It will ship tomorrow night after the bench seats are attached.  The trestle table and bench have been stored in our basement safely out of the way for the last few weeks. (Tomorrow is earmarked for photography)

Long storage bench awaiting it's turn in the finish room.

Charles' table bases getting an oil finish.

Charles' matching walnut night stands are almost done, once assembled they will head to the Chicago area early next week.  I have some time there...

Sara's table leaf is Friday's project; I have it glued up and cut to size, but I wanted to make sure I could fully dedicate myself to profiling the edges when I start; I don't want to stop in the middle of that process.

Merek's White Oak boards are patiently awaiting their turn.  I will probably break into them on Friday and start the glue up for his floating nightstands (which are a super cool design; I'll blog soon about that project.

One of these days; I'll get to work on Christmas gifts for my holiday gift giving.  In the mean time I am trying to find that balance between having a backlog of work and overextending myself and/or the shop.  Not sure I've found the sweet spot yet - but we survived the last couple weeks; made quality furniture and have met our delivery deadlines.