I just received some very nice feedback from a client in Brooklyn NY.

He and his wife had commissioned me to build them some white oak nightstands for their bedroom; they're remodeling and wanted a very clean minimalist look for the room.  Their preference was floating drawers mounted right to the wall, and we developed a design to meet their needs.

16" wide x 16" deep x 6" tall the drawers were made from white oak and constructed using splined miters to showcase continuous grain around the entire cabinet. We also used "push to open" under mount drawers slides to eliminate the need for drawer pulls or finger holds and maintain the clean lines they desired.

They really turned out nice and I am looking forward to building some more for my own home. A little bigger; so I can anchor to wall studs (he anchored to brick).

He sent me pictures of the installed drawers, which was very kind of him.  I am also including some photos of the finished drawers being packaged for shipping to NY.

Fun project.

Installed in NY