Welcome 2016

I feel a little guilty writing up a year in review post; since I've been delinquent with my updates for far longer than the last 12 months.  Suffice to say; we've been busy, very very busy.

Regardless, 2015 was a great year for GlessBoards! We had a number of new experiences during the last year. We added a CNC, designed and built our first rocking chair, moved our finish room to an outbuilding, Nick left his full time employment to join me in the shop, and we gained a grandson.  During all of this we managed to keep pace with a challenging cadence of custom commissions.

I did the math for 2015 it turns out we were pretty darned productive for 2 people in a custom shop:

  • 120+/- Cutting Boards
  • 37 Side Tables / Night Stands
  • 28 Dining Chairs
  • 1 Rocking Chair
  • 9 Benches
  • 16 Dining Room Tables
  • 6 Sliding Barn Doors
  • 9 Floating Shelves
  • 1 Mantle
  • 1 Bar top
  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Toy Box
  • 6 Display Frames
  • 3 Custom Sink Covers
  • 4 Entertainment Centers
  • 4 Book Cases
  • 1 Watch Collection Display Case

We shipped custom furniture to 11 different states + the UK this year; and we're pretty proud to say everything finished and shipped on schedule. 

What does this all mean?

I think it's safe to say the experiment is over; this is a real live business and formally our new vocation.  We're having a great time working together as a team, and cannot begin to explain what it feels like to have someone love something we made with our own hands.  Pretty cool stuff -- truly living the dream.

2016 promises to present some challenges: we need to revamp the shop for more efficiency, however the schedule is already packed with commission commitments through May.  So, this should be interesting to see how we renovate a working shop without compromising our timeline commitments.

We have some educational opportunities scheduled for spring.  Our commitment to increasing and improving our skills is paramount. We want to design and build even cooler things this year. We are definitely looking forward to heading back to Indy for more schooling.

I promise to post more frequently; perhaps sharing the journey of tearing down walls in a working shop and moving machinery while building furniture will provide for some interesting, if not humorous, stories...   Wish us luck!

Hope your 2016 is awesome, safe, healthy, and full of laughter.

All the best,

Amy, Nick, and Roubo