Storage Beds

Pictured in Maple and Cherry.

More than ample storage is available with this versatile bed arrangement.
Each bed base is constructed to withstand all a growing kid can dish out. Fully enclosed 3/4" ply construction assures the bed can be jumped on, moved multiple time, and still be ready to accept growth and configuration changes as your needs change.
Each bed base consists of 2 storage halves that have four (4) drawers and one (1) cubby/bookshelf each; for a total of 8 drawers and 2 storage cubbies per bed. The bed is designed to connect to twin, full, queen, or traditional king headboards which allows for unlimited size and design changes with the base. Start you child out with a twin mattress and simply order a new headboard/footboard configuration when they are ready to change.
As pictured:
Twin Beds with 8 drawers each and the cubbies are strung with bungee cord for stuffed animal cages.
Each side has 2 8" deep drawers and 2 10" deep drawers (all drawers are 18" wide)
The cubbies do have pre drilled adjustable shelve holes, so when the kids mature the bungee cord can be removed and a book shelf can be inserted.
Want a bigger mattress, change the headboard / footboard and insert a sheet of ply across the span and your bed is now a different size.
The style and size options are endless.

Available for commission in a variety of domestic hardwoods (quotes often depend on wood preference, finish and timeline). Contact GlessBoards via email for a quote at